F-One Bandit XII Kite 2019

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Bandit XII The best „One quiver kite“ on the planet still gets better over the years. Incredible control is coupled with a handling experience you will never forget. No matter what your level or style, the BANDIT is the kite that delivers. * Huge riding range * Playful in all conditions * Worry-free auto-relaunch * Extraordinary maneuverability * Perfect balance between power delivery and lateral pull * Precise speed control * Ultimate link for a perfect feedback from your kite   DELTA C-SHAPE DELTA C-SHAPE technology design offers unmatched stability and steering response when fully de-powered, with the possibility of connecting the front lines higher on the leading edge of the kite. DELTA C-SHAPE is a patented design used by F-ONE on all kites for the past 12 years. This shape was the result of a design research towards maximum optimization of the aerodynamic performances of the kite and of its depower. It gives the possibility to fit more canopy in the middle sections to create more projected area while the C Shape makes sure that the kite remains responsive and fluid. REACTOR VALVE Our fast inflation & deflation valve. FORCE FRAME Kites with extended de-power ranges sustain more pressure across the canopy as they experience an increased frequency of use over a wider wind range. F-ONE has developed a completely new structure for the Bandit, offering optimized durability with no additional weight gain. The FORCE FRAME is a solid Dacron structure consisting of the leading edge, the trailing edge and the struts. This high strength skeleton structure is then covered with lightweight Spy material in the least vulnerable areas. TECHNOFORCE TECHNOFORCE ? or TEIJIN is a high density polyester fabric with a tear stopping structure using thin and high tension yarn.

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